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Move content using public API?

Move content using public API?

Monday 17 June 2013 10:16:37 pm - 3 replies

Hi everybody!

I am trying to move a content object using the public APi, but I can't find how to do so.

I looked at the contentUpdateStruct but I do not see anything allowing me to change the content location. I can't just change the mainLocationId neither because it is read-only.

Is this even possible?

Thank you for any help.

Modified on Monday 17 June 2013 10:17:19 pm by Julien Montavit

Monday 17 June 2013 10:55:33 pm

Maybe de updateLocation() method?

Some code in

Monday 17 June 2013 11:15:10 pm


you can using the Location service for moving the location of content below a other parent location.

$repository = $this->getRepository(); 
$locationService = $repository->getLocationService();
// Load a location and new parent location
$location = $locationService->loadLocation( [location_id] );
$newParentLocation = $locationService->loadLocation( [new_parent_location_id] ); 
$locationService->moveSubtree( Location $location, Location $newParentLocation );

If i can help you ?

Tuesday 18 June 2013 9:19:53 am

@David Suela :

I already looked at updateLocation method but you can only change a few location's attributes (but not the content inside the location, or I didn't find how)

@Franck Chaux:

Thank you. It works perfectly! Clear and simple.


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