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Moving var directory from ezpublish_legacy directory

Moving var directory from ezpublish_legacy directory

Monday 08 December 2014 8:59:57 am - 2 replies

I am creating a deployment script and would like to move the var from underneath ezpublish_legacy to somewhere else - maybe even web itself.

I could just switch the symlinks, but is there a recommended method for this?

Monday 08 December 2014 9:55:46 am

I guess the recommended method is "don't" happy.gif Emoticon Don't know really, but beware of EZP-22915 Clearing caches fail if cache folder is symlinked

Edit: To clarify, I don't think there is a recommended method. This is uncharted territory and you're on your own, but as Heath says it's been done before. Just check for existing bugs, like the one above.

Modified on Monday 08 December 2014 10:18:38 am by Gunnstein Lye

Monday 08 December 2014 9:59:10 am

Hello Jani,

The legacy var directory location is something you can't to my knowledge change via ini settings etc.

But I can tell you from a lot of experience you will have no problems moving the directory where ever you like and replacing the ezpublish_legacy/var with a symlink as long as your permissions are correct. I've done this on many occasions in the past without problems.

Edit: My experience is more with legacy installations and not with eZP5 new stack, btw. Best to listen to Gunnstein Lye since he knows more about problems with this than I.

I think that moving it into the web directory is a decent idea.

I hope this helps!


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