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Multiple domains with different languages

Multiple domains with different languages

Monday 25 November 2013 7:03:45 pm


just a question about the siteaccess matching:
I have 2 different domains with several different languages...for example:
xxx.dev --> xxx-ger-siteaccess
xxx.dev/kor --> xxx-kor-siteaccess
xxx.dev/rus --> xxx-rus-siteaccess

yyy.dev -->  yyy-ger-siteaccess
yyy.dev/mp_eng --> yyy-eng-siteaccess

xxx.dev uses the default siteaccess and things work basically fine until i want to call something like /content/download on any yyy.dev siteaccess, since everytime i do, i get the administration login page....but /user/register for example works fine.
The configuration looks like this:

        ger: ger
        eng: eng
        kor: kor
        mp_eng: mp_eng
        mp_ger: mp_ger
        administration: administration
        yyy.dev: mp_ger
        xxx.develop2: ger

What's the correct way to configure the siteaccess matching to prevent this?

Thanks in advance

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