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MultiSite with 5.3, why config is loaded from legacy ?

MultiSite with 5.3, why config is loaded from legacy ?

Thursday 04 December 2014 12:44:42 am - 1 reply

Hi everybody,

I have to create another website, and I've decided to put the two website on the same installation of eZ 5.3, with two different siteaccess. I've corretly created my siteaccess based on with Map\Host configuration, and it works. I have 3 siteaccess : my two website, and the admin siteaccess.

Then, I changed the root_node of my two siteaccess websites, with . It seems to works too.

However, if I want to add policy on roles in the backoffice (third siteaccess), I see the ols siteaccesses, because the configuration loaded in the backoffice is not this on ezpublish.yml, but still the old site.ini in ezpublish_legacy/settings/override/site.ini ... OK then, I replace all the siteaccess in [SiteList] and [SiteAccessSettings] and it works... but for me, it is not a good solution. Is it normal I have to configurate the legacy and the ez5 config ?

Otherwise, I have to use image alias. I put exactly the same configuration for my two websites siteaccess on ezpublish.yml (more precisely in a config file in my bundle, but it is the same thing) : I've just copied the conf and changed the siteaccess name. The var directory is the same for the two siteaccess. Result : in the backoffice, all the aliases are good. On my two websites in constrast, the alias don't work : several of my images alias works, and several not, I don't unterstand... I've checked and rechecked every parameters the last 2 days, but I don't know where the problem come from...

If somebody have the solution, it would be very friendly to help me,

Thank you by advance,


Thursday 04 December 2014 2:02:23 pm

The admin is an legacy app. Because of this you do have to configure both the legacy and new stack.


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