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Override a legacy template of the "user" module

Override a legacy template of the "user" module

Tuesday 04 June 2013 10:51:37 pm - 1 reply

Hello everybody,

i have a litle problem with the override system. 

I need to redesign templates of "user" module also notifications templates, without create a legacy extension. 

Is it possible to using a YAML files to define the same principle as override.ini.

Replace like this


Thx for the futur answer !

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Thursday 06 June 2013 10:56:07 am

Hello Chaux,

I think the best way to solve this problem would be to create a new custom bundle resource view template using eZ Publish 5 API that displays the login form submits the the legacy stack login module view.

Otherwise I think the answer to your question was no but now is a yes. EDIT: I think Joe made a pull request that makes this possible in the latest version. See the following:



Another really helpful resource available to you is the partialcontent blog by Joe Kepley:





I hope this helps ...


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