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Override Register template

Override Register template

Monday 17 March 2014 6:36:58 pm - 3 replies


I can't figure out how to override the "register" template.

As in DemoBundle example I'm able to override the login template within the yml configuration:

But I cannot find a way to override the register and the forgotpassword template.

Does anyone know how to do that?



Modified on Monday 17 March 2014 6:41:59 pm by Simone D'Amico

Monday 17 March 2014 8:10:48 pm


only the login view of the user module has been moved to new stack (twig template, symfony, ..) so far, so to override the others you will need to do that with tpl template in legacy stack.


André R.

Modified on Monday 17 March 2014 8:53:11 pm by André R

Tuesday 18 March 2014 10:19:43 am

Thank you so much André for your help.

Just one more question. Is there a way to call the register.tpl template within one of my controllers? Otherwise I need to override the page layout default template even in the legacy stack and I don't think it is a good idea. 

Thank you again.

Tuesday 18 March 2014 11:51:34 am

Solved by myself, if anyone is looking for how to override the pagelayout for legacy stack just take a look to the documentation at this link:


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