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Overriding kernel templates

Overriding kernel templates

Thursday 04 April 2013 5:52:42 pm

Hello everybody!


This is probably a newbie question but I can't figure this out!

I am currently trying to override some of the kernel templates such as content/search and user/forgotpassword. I know how to do this with eZ 4.x but I don't know with eZ 5.

For example, when I use the search form (linking to the ez_legacy content/search function), eZ keep displaying the ezdemo template. I would like to use the Symfony view I created for displaying the results. I tried using the ezpublish.yml file as discribed here.

Here is an example of my ezpublish.yml file :

                        template: MyBundle: Default:searchResult.html.twig
                            UrlAlias: /content/search

So am I missing something?

I know I can do it the "old" way with an extension but I would like to know how to do it the new way happy.gif Emoticon

Thank you very much.

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