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Preview siteaccess or content staging in the new stack

Preview siteaccess or content staging in the new stack

Wednesday 25 March 2015 6:38:22 pm - 8 replies

Simple per-page preview is often not good enough. You often want to preview content in the context of landing pages, for example.

In the legacy stack, we had two main options for a site preview solution:

  • Create a preview siteaccess
  • Use the content staging extension and thus a separate preview / staging installation

Arguably, a "preview siteaccess" is a lightweight solution, although it has perfectly met the requirement for a few of Mugo's clients. I asked eZ support about whether the ShowHiddenNodes feature (which is the key for a preview siteaccess) would be added to the new stack. The answer was, in short, that there are no plans to do that.

If the "preview siteaccess" capability is not in the plans for the new stack, what are the plans for a proper content staging extension?  eZ Content Staging was a great start in the legacy stack, although it was still quite rough and lacked filtering and permissions integrations for the actual "push live" interface.

Thursday 26 March 2015 7:34:24 am

Hello Peter,

I'm sorry they shot you down sad.gif Emoticon I've been there myself ...

Your still Mugo! They can not ever take that away from you!

I truly do hope you find others who also share your views and support your call for improvement/change/action/revolution blunk.gif Emoticon


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EDIT: In an attempt to halt further comment moderation by eZ Systems, I have willingly removed the lyric snippets from this reply, as an act of contrition. Here's hoping it's enough sad.gif Emoticon

My comments are not intended to be rude. I actually empathize with people in the above position. I look up to Peter and the Mugo team, long before they became Mugo.

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Friday 27 March 2015 6:28:28 pm

Hi Peter,

We don't intend to re implement ezcontentstaging. It is buggy, but more importantly a weak concept forced into trying to solve to many problems.

For content staging feature, we intend to start working on "flex workflows" this year. This from technical perspective implies start on what will later become Workspace feature, which eventually will imply possibility to stage content (more then one content object) within the application natively, and should thus be further expanded to cover preview as a natural part of it.

See Rolands Roadmap/Planning blog:
Btw: while the Editorial team facing UI part of this feature is scheduled to be part of eZ Studio, any repository changes for this feature will as always be part of eZ Platform.

So for now I can only encourage you to put forward your use-cases/customers-needs, and either you or maybe your customer take active part of this with PM so we have as much requirements/use-cases as possible to find the right implementation, because this might see the merge of HiddenState, ObjectState and VersionState (and maybe also draft locations) into one new connected concept, but we have not started working that deep on this yet.


Modified on Friday 27 March 2015 6:37:58 pm by André R

Friday 27 March 2015 10:55:51 pm

Thanks for the support, kracker, and thanks for the response, André.

Lots of connected concepts here, and we definitely want to get this right without sacrificing some important use cases (such as first-draft preview, which is broken if you use locations).  Let's evolve and revolutionize eZ Publish without taking for granted all of the solid foundations that the legacy framework provides.

Saturday 28 March 2015 2:06:18 pm

Hi Peter,

do you see any "protocol", solution we could draft to exchange around features ? We don't need perfect specs to extract material, ideas, and adapt the development of the product to ideas and concepts.

I've been thinking of a collaborative RFC approach, but i'd really like to hear your perspective about this.

Saturday 28 March 2015 2:22:20 pm

In my experience, what customers miss in eZ is the possiblity of previewing content depending on other contents. This is specially requested for homepages. For homepages ezflow timeline does a great job but is not a content staging thing. 

basically the requests we receive is "we have a team editors, where some editors do things and some others validate them before put them in production". 

So, in a basic example it could be something like "i have this home where this article have a title "A", how the home will like if i change that title to "B""

Actually, preview of home doesn't cover this neither ezflow timeline.

Brieflly, to me is not an "content state" thing but a "version object state" thing. and i dont' really know how to ellaborate this happy.gif Emoticon

But thinking on it... 

Saturday 28 March 2015 8:21:36 pm

Hi Peter,

Thanks for bringing this. It is an important topic for the future, for sure.

While there is no short term plan, as the Support team told you, there are clearly plans happy.gif Emoticon and I personally think we need to target for something in the same line as ShowHiddenNodes (from a concept perspective), potentially relying on object states / version states.

And I second also the answers of André. ContentStaging is probably too complex to achieve what you want to do here and we are looking at different solutions. 

I'd be happy to discuss more with you if you would like!



Monday 30 March 2015 5:06:48 pm

Quote from Peter Keung :

Lots of connected concepts here, and we definitely want to get this right without sacrificing some important use cases (such as first-draft preview, which is broken if you use locations).  Let's evolve and revolutionize eZ Publish without taking for granted all of the solid foundations that the legacy framework provides.

Whatever we do it should make sure it handles new content, as well as new versions of existing content. In essence that is what I'm suggesting here, to aim for native preview functionality that works for both. 

Possible other followup that Carlos touched on is to have a way to tell API to deal with time information as well for a proper timeline slider. However that is also a rather large topic involving getting publish / un-publish attributes and ezflow to use a underlying "timing api". But I'm digressing happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 01 April 2015 12:20:37 am

I'm not sure whether this topic was taken up in any detail at a previous Innovation Board meeting but that would be a good venue to start building some requirements and constraints around this. Or to go into more technical detail, maybe we could have some Hangouts sessions to get the input of current users and developers. That richer communication experience could be a good start.


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