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problem redirect url in backoffice

problem redirect url in backoffice

Thursday 20 November 2014 11:47:07 am - 1 reply

Hi all !!

I have a problem with the redirect url in the BO.

i have a error 302 when i want modifed an news or empty the cache.

But if the Debug redirection is actived, it's works...

I use OVH with a mutualised server

Perhabs a missconfiguration..?

Is someone has an idea?

Friday 21 November 2014 1:12:03 am

Hello Piazza,

Remember that http code 302 is not actually an error

See wikipedia for more details:

It sounds like your having instead general performance problems.

I'm not familiar with the term, 'mutualised' but I think offhand that's a fancy way of avoiding saying it's a 'shared' server which eZ Publish historically does not run very well on at all.

I think you going to want to look for more 'dedicated' hosting options, there are hundreds of them out there.

Best wishes. I hope this helps!



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