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Question about dependency Injection and template overriding

Question about dependency Injection and template overriding

Friday 05 June 2015 12:56:18 pm - 2 replies

Hi all,

I actually work on an eZ's 5.90.0alpha1 with SF 2.7.

I created a custom content class and his template and I would like displayed it.


In my bundle's config folder I added an .yml file with my templating configuration

                    controller: MyBundle:CustomArticle:showCustomArticle
                    template: "MyBundle:full:custom_article.html.twig"
                        Identifier\ContentType: [custom_article]

Then, I added it to my website configuration with dependency injection (like eZDemoBundle)

 public function prepend(ContainerBuilder $container) {
        $configFile = __DIR__ . '/../Resources/config/templating.yml';
        $config = Yaml::parse( file_get_contents( $configFile ) );
        $container->prependExtensionConfig( 'ezpublish', $config );
        $container->addResource( new FileResource( $configFile ) );

My trouble starts now, I can't display my custom class with my own template. Instead of my twig view, I used a generic template which list all my content fields

 <div class="content-view-full">
     <div class="class-custom_article">
         <div class="attribute-header"></div>
         <div class="attribute-author"></div>
         <div class="attribute-image"></div>
         <div class="attribute-content"></div>
         <div class="attribute-resume"></div>

If I try to override a template rule for a basic content class I've the same problem, my custom rule don't work


For me, my trouble is in my config injection, cause if i copy my rules in ezdemo.yml all of them work correctly. There is no error message in my debug toolbar.


Does anyone have an idea ?

Modified on Friday 05 June 2015 12:59:23 pm by Patrick P.

Monday 08 June 2015 7:08:41 am

Hello Patrick,

We recently created an example bundle 'BCPageLayoutOverrideTestBundle' to show very clearly and cleanly how to override the demobundle and ezp twig templates.


Our bundle internals can be studied and used as a reference when creating your own template override bundle. Also our commit history is clean and feature specific so you can review our changes commit by commit to better understand (from a feature commit perspective) exactly what changes we made to support each feature we provide within the bundle.


For example this commit shows how we introduced a new example to support to overriding content field templates:


 Question: Are you enabling the Bundle Inheritance feature in your bundle? Here is an example:


I hope this helps!


Monday 08 June 2015 9:41:45 am

Hello Heath,

I already know this bundle since I used it to override my layout and it perfectly works (In the same time I answer to your question about bundle inheritance by yes).


With your demo, I can easily override an existing template.


But, I don't know why, I can't create a template for a custom class (which has no default template) in my own bundle.


Did I forget some config ? ... I can't understand why I can override my layout template but not a basic custom class template

Edit : I solved my trouble. After creating a new bundle, all overrides works. I think I missed to implement my PrependExtensionInterface ...

Modified on Wednesday 17 June 2015 11:14:19 am by Patrick P.


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