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Render object related - content ID

Render object related - content ID

Thursday 10 April 2014 3:19:57 pm - 4 replies

I would like to render object related I do as bellow :

 {% set relatedContentIds = content.fields.block[location.contentInfo.mainLanguageCode].destinationContentIds %}
{#afficher les blosks de présentations services#}
{% for relatedContentId in relatedContentIds %}
     {{ render(controller('ez_content:viewContent', {
        'locationId': relatedContentId,
        'viewType': 'line',
        'layout' : 'DdorresiProBundle:Line:service_block.html.twig'
    })) }}
{% endfor %}

The problem is that the ''relatedContentId' is the object ID and I can't reach this object like this.It works if a put a static node ID.

If anyone as an idea about my mistake.


Monday 02 June 2014 11:01:45 am


I have the same problem. Is anyone can explain how to display an object related in a twig template ?

I try to override the object with "viewContent" controller like this :

 {{ render ( controller("ez_content:viewContent", {'contentId': ez_field_value(registration, 'training'), 'viewType' : 'line'})) }}

The template is overrided in a YAML file like this :

 system:    front:        content_view:            line:                registration_cart:                    template: "CnppTrainingSiteBundle:registration:line/registration.html.twig"                    match:                        Identifier\ContentType: cnpp_registration

It displays the name of the object but not the template I choose in the override file.

Or is there a way to retrieve a node id with an related object attribute ?



Monday 02 June 2014 1:42:56 pm

@Bru: I guess you only have to replace 'locationId' by 'contentId' when using ez_content:viewLocation, see


Monday 02 June 2014 3:36:28 pm

No it doesn't work even with the 'contentId'.


Another idea maybe ?



Monday 02 June 2014 6:20:15 pm

The problem is solved. The override didn't match on the good class ^^


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