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Rendering embeded object with ez_render_field does not call controller.

Rendering embeded object with ez_render_field does not call controller.

Monday 14 September 2015 6:37:36 pm - 3 replies

Hy all,

I have a content that can be render by render controller or embeded in ezxml. 
This content has a rule for content-view-embed :

      template: MySiteBundle:content/embed:galleryhtml.twig
      controller: MySiteBundle:Phototheque:galleryContentViewEmbed
          Identifier\ContentType: [ gallery ]

When rendering a gallery with a render controller all the rules are apply (template and controller are used)

{{ render( controller( "ez_content:viewContent", {"contentId":, "viewType": "embed"} ) ) }}

But if my gallery is embed in ezxml only the template is use. Not the controller.

{{ ez_render_field( content, 'description' ) }}

What i Miss to make this work ?
eZ Publish Community Project 2014.07 (5.3)
(Symfony version 2.3.18)
PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze19
Thank you

Modified on Tuesday 15 September 2015 9:44:24 am by Rémy PHP

Tuesday 15 September 2015 10:53:40 pm

Hi Rémy,

that feature was implemented in eZ Publish Community Project 2014.11.

The corresponding pull request on Github is available at

Thursday 17 September 2015 12:59:50 pm

The reply has been removed because of violation of forum rules.

Friday 18 September 2015 9:53:26 am



 eZ Publish Community Project 2014.11 require PHP scripting language: 5.4/5.5, minimum 5.4.4


My serveur only has PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze19


Too bad for my client.Yet it is one of the key functionality of eZ Publish. (In my opinion)

Thanks anyway happy.gif Emoticon


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