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REST Api, Views and ContentTypeId|ContentTypeIdentifier Criterion

REST Api, Views and ContentTypeId|ContentTypeIdentifier Criterion

Wednesday 11 November 2015 8:58:21 am - 2 replies

Hi. Starting to consume rest api. Playing with views now. According to doc you can specify ContentTypeId or ContentTypeIdentiifer Criterion but it seems for now, you can only specify one.

Is this intended? Couldn't we allow to pass a coma separated list of contentTypeId|ContentTypeIdentifer? 

That at first. Secondly, wondering if we could also modify that to allow request specify operator (IN, EQ). 

Thursday 12 November 2015 2:16:27 pm

Unless I'm missing something, it indeed doesn't seem possible with XML. It does work with JSON though, by making the contents of ContentTypeIdentifierCriterion an array.

I have tried with sub-nodes in XML. We do get an array, but the ContentTypeIdentifier criterion has no clue about the array structure it gets (it has the subnode as a key, and the values as an array).

Modified on Thursday 12 November 2015 2:41:16 pm by Bertrand Dunogier

Thursday 12 November 2015 4:21:51 pm

hi Bertrand. yes, but will it be a problem if we support something like 


Other option i'm thinking is we could support something like... 

It would alow more flexibilility... 


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