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RSS Not accessible in Front office

RSS Not accessible in Front office

Thursday 02 July 2015 10:53:21 am - 4 replies

Hi there,

I've created a custom class RSS To be displayed in front and some RSS Feed in the back office.

Links :

http://my-ez-admin/rss/feed/News => Working
http://my-ez-front/rss/feed/News => Redirected to admin login

Instead of showing the RSS feed, i'm redirected to the admin login with the front url, I don't understand why.

Every conf seems to be initialized correclty, how can I see RSS in front office ?
I've read that the routing is done automatically by eZ Legacy and i do not have to create a specific route in the routing.yml file.



Modified on Thursday 02 July 2015 3:39:15 pm by Task Mikaël

Friday 03 July 2015 11:38:31 am

Sounds like a combination of several issues maybe.

Do you have access to other legacy modules in front end?

Are you testing with anonymous user on front end and have you setup access rules in backend for this user to have access to rss/feed on front end access?

Have you configured the system to redirect to admin login when authentication is needed?

Tuesday 07 July 2015 3:17:16 pm


- What kind of other legacy modules ?

- Testing with Anonymous user only but it is not working either with other users.

- i don't think there is a redirection

More info : When redirected to admin login, if i connect i'm redirect to front, end then i can access the rss feed page, but it is empty, there is only if i go in the RSS section of amdin and click on the feed created that the items appear ...

Still searching.

Thanks, Cheers.

Tuesday 07 July 2015 4:54:46 pm

Hi there,


When i log in via the front office there is no cookie "is_logged_in" so when i try to access the url "/rss/feed/myFeed/" i am redirected to admin login (probably passing trought legacy_stack) and the "is_logged_in" cookie is automatically created. 

When i connect direclty from admin the "is_logged_in" cookie is created after login.

I've read that the "is_logged_in" cookie is deprecated, is it still the case here ? I am aware that RSS is a legacy module so it probably needs this cookie to verify if the user is logged.

Do i have to create manually the "is_logged_in" cookie or there is another way to allow the access to RSS feed ?

Thanks cheers.

Tuesday 07 July 2015 5:29:59 pm

Found the solution !
In the site.ini.append.php file you have to set the **RequireUserLogin** to false to tell legacy stack not to look for the **is_logged_in** cookie.
Cheers !


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