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Search API Available Criterion

Search API Available Criterion

Thursday 28 March 2013 7:34:55 pm - 5 replies

I have been looking at the search API and corresponding search service and noticed that while you can sort on "location priority", there is no criterion for filtering by "location priority".

Is this just an oversight, or are there reasons why this functionality has been removed?

Friday 29 March 2013 8:56:10 am

Misread the question, I don't see it too, sorry sad.gif Emoticon

Modified on Friday 29 March 2013 8:56:56 am by Pierre Maraitre

Friday 29 March 2013 10:31:58 am

Hi Michael

I guess this is an omission... Can you please report an issue in ? And of course, any pull request is welcome happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 29 March 2013 5:55:21 pm

Hi Jérôme,

Thanks for the confirmation of this being an oversight. I have added the code to a local install of eZ Publish, however, I have not contributed code before, so this will be my first time. Could you please provide me with the proper step to correctly contribute this fix?

Friday 29 March 2013 6:52:13 pm

The official tutorial is probably the best starting point :

Here are our coding standards :

Happy forking!

Monday 08 April 2013 7:06:24 pm

Hi Jérôme,

I added a pull request Since this is my first time, I am not sure if I did everything accurately. As for the coding standards, I had just copied an existing file and modified accordingly.


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