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Security Listener and UserWrapper

Security Listener and UserWrapper

Thursday 18 September 2014 8:22:11 pm

Hi. I'm working in a project where users come from a webservice. This webservice holds the info about the users (phone, address...) but this info can't be stored in the database due project requirements. 

I have implemented the authentication part but now i need to show data coming from the webservice in the twig templates. Let's think in the tipical "Hello [User First Name]". 

I've created my user provider. this provider returns user of a class that is implementing UserInterface symfony class. This custom user class has properties like phone or address. These properties get its values from the webservice response;

As far i see, in a following step, Security Listener returns a new UserWrapped object. This userObject has the originalUser info (that i filled with data from the webservice ) and the api user.  The info coming from the webservice are assigned to the wrappedUser property of this UserWrapped object. 

Now, the question. How can i access this wrappedUser property from, for example, one of my controllers? This is a private property and there is no method in the class to get it. You can get some properties of this wrappedUser though, but there is no method i can use to get phones of these user.

Thanks in advance.

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