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See collected information from the admin interface

See collected information from the admin interface

Thursday 26 February 2015 3:35:56 am - 5 replies


I know very well ezpublish "legacy" but since some weeks i'm learning ezpublish 5.

I was testing the demo bundle. I fullfilled the feedback form and I can observe that informations are not collected (not available from the admin interface).

Is this normal? mayble I have to generate the feedback entity table? maybe ezpublish 5 does not allow to get collected information?


Thursday 26 February 2015 5:55:20 am

Hello Vincent,

eZ Publish 5.x (New Stack) does not (currently) support information collection (and prolly never will by eZ Systems at least).

The information collection system has not been clearly identified on the roadmap (of things to be implemented) for eZ Platform or eZ Studio. http://ez.no/Blog/What-to-Expect-from-eZ-Studio-and-eZ-Platform

I hope this helps!


Thursday 26 February 2015 10:57:22 am

Oh .. ok... this is a really bad news, this functionality was loved by my clients.

How to tell them "We will update the CMS but you will no be able anymore to create your own forms without writing some lines of codes ... you will not be able to see or export collected informations without writing codes too, and I will ask you to paie me each time you need a new form type"

Before, with ezpublish legacy:

1) create a content class, settings the "datatype", the "is required", the "default value" etc.

2) create the full template OR point the override to an existing full view template (foreach of all attribute view gui)

=> ready and dynamique in 10 minutes, email notifications are done automaticly

Now, with ez publish 5.x:

1) create a content class

2) create the full view template

3) create the symfony entity (cant set default value from the admin interface, cant set the is required, etc.)

4) create the symfony controller (manually check the validity of the form, manually send email, manually save information in the database, etc.)

5) ......... mucho more step

=> ready and statique development, cant see collected information, cant export the information from an unique interface, cant be updated from the admin interface

Developments will be much slower. Is it right?

Modified on Thursday 26 February 2015 11:12:01 am by Vincent GUYARD

Thursday 26 February 2015 11:41:23 am

Hello Vincent,

You could always use a dedicated siteaccess (for legacy use) to use the legacy information collection implementation. It's just a usable suggestion..

I hope this helps!


Thursday 26 February 2015 4:27:41 pm

Hi Heath,

Yes, of course, I could use the legacy part but the idea is to use the Symfony Full Stack part of Ez.

Moreover, someday the legacy part will desapear.

Thank you for your answers

Thursday 26 February 2015 7:04:32 pm

Hello Vincent,

I understand your desire to use as much of the new stack as possible but remember that in 5.x we are using a dual stack system and not all features exist in the new stack by default for example user authentication. This will change to some degree in v6 but for your question this will not change.

Lets be clear, legacy may be deprecated in v6 and beyond but it will not disappear. eZ Systems has prepared for optional support of legacy in v6 for a long time via the LegacyBundle. More specifically eZ Systems is committed to supporting legacy until something like 2019. And there are initiatives in the community to ensure that legacy is community supported after eZ Systems ends support.

As always, pull requests implementing the support for the information collection system are welcome: https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel/pulls

I hope this helps!



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