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Siteaccess in generated urls

Siteaccess in generated urls

Friday 05 April 2013 9:02:18 pm - 14 replies


I having problems generating paths in a multilingual website with URL Matching.

When using

 {{ path( location ) }}

it does not generate the url with siteaccess (p.e.

It only generate for every language.

Any clue?

Thanks in advance.

Modified on Tuesday 09 April 2013 12:24:20 pm by Kiko Magán

Tuesday 09 April 2013 5:12:41 pm


I don't know if it will work but maybe you could try with :

 {{ url( location ) }}

Tuesday 09 April 2013 5:18:37 pm

Hi Javier

What's your siteaccess match config ?

Tuesday 09 April 2013 5:22:47 pm

Hi Julien.

It does the same as the path function.

The translation of the url is working, but the site access is missing.

Wednesday 10 April 2013 11:18:16 am

Hello Jérôme.

My siteaccess match config is:


            URIElement: '1'

Thursday 11 April 2013 9:07:50 am

I also tried with:



                en: en

                es: es

                site_admin: site_admin

And the problem persist. Any help?

This is been a very serious problem for deploying a multilingual web site... 

Thank in advance.

Modified on Thursday 11 April 2013 9:08:27 am by Kiko Magán

Thursday 11 April 2013 11:07:11 am

Hi Javier

I'll check this today as I'm currently working on routing.

Thursday 11 April 2013 5:15:09 pm

Confirmed. Issue reported :

Thursday 11 April 2013 5:59:00 pm

And fixed !

Thanks !

Next time, please open an issue happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 11 April 2013 6:13:50 pm

Thanks to you Jérôme!

I updated and it is working. Great work!

I'll open a issue next time.


Thursday 25 July 2013 5:09:18 pm

Quote from Jérôme Vieilledent :

Confirmed. Issue reported :

Hi Jérôme,

I'm having a similar issue with routes defined in symfony:
The generated paths (with container->get('router') as well as twig's path function) do not include the siteaccess.

It seems that UrlAliasGenerator.php, nor UrlAliasRoute.php never get triggered in my context, since it's a special bundle and not a path to a location. (but this is only a guess)

Also if I define the route path with a {_locale} prefix it leads to legacy kernel module error.( {_locale}  module can not be found.)

Siteaccess is properly matched and is visible in the Request.

Matching is the following:

                en: en
                de_DE: de_DE


Thanks in advance for pointing me into the right direction.

Friday 26 July 2013 3:41:10 pm

Hi Andreas

Sounds like a valid issue. Can you please open a ticket on Jira ? Thanks happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 26 July 2013 4:30:13 pm

Quote from Jérôme Vieilledent :

Hi Andreas

Sounds like a valid issue. Can you please open a ticket on Jira ? Thanks happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks for confirming. Issue is reported here.

I already started implementing a workaround by overriding and extending symfony's urlgenerator class in parameters.ym as follows:

'router.options.generator_base_class: Client\ExampleBundle\Routing\Generator\UrlGenerator

The doGenerate function the $parameters array contains the siteaccess (possibly injected by the SiteaccessListener).
The matcher then could analyze the link and prepend the siteaccess.

However, when I declared the siteaccess variable via: $siteaccess = $parameters['siteaccess'] I'm thrown an InvalidScope exception ('request' being an inactive scope)

Monday 29 July 2013 7:02:01 pm

Hi Andreas

Pull-request here:

Please test and comment it (add a +1 if it works for you).

Tuesday 30 July 2013 12:45:39 pm

Quote from Jérôme Vieilledent :

Hi Andreas

Pull-request here:

Please test and comment it (add a +1 if it works for you).

Thanks for your quick response, it works.


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