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Siteaccess override issue

Siteaccess override issue

Saturday 26 April 2014 3:09:49 am - 1 reply

Hello,I want to create a backend siteaccess but i don't know why my design seems to be the ezdemo one.I have create the extension directory with a new pagelayout.tpl but notting happens.I created the siteaccess in my settings with the following parameters in my siteaccess/manager/site.ini.append.php[SiteAccessSettings]RequireUserLogin=falseRelatedSiteAccessList[]=managerRelatedSiteAccessList[]=tendance_adminShowHiddenNodes=false[DesignSettings]SiteDesign=managerThen i have create an extension named manager with the correct pattern.I have also add the extension in the settings/override/site.ini.append.php file like this[ExtensionSettings]ActiveExtensions[]=tendanceActiveExtensions[]=managerActiveExtensions[]=ezjscore[Session]SessionNameHandler=custom[SiteSettings]DefaultAccess=site_generalSiteList[]=managerSiteList[]=site_admin[SiteAccessSettings]CheckValidity=falseAvailableSiteAccessList[]=site_generalAvailableSiteAccessList[]=site_adminAvailableSiteAccessList[]=managerRelatedSiteAccessList[]=site_generalRelatedSiteAccessList[]=site_adminRelatedSiteAccessList[]=managerMatchOrder=hostHostMatchMapItems[]=www.myloc.loc;site_generalHostMatchMapItems[]=admin.myloc.loc;site_adminHostMatchMapItems[]=manager.myloc.loc;managerFinally I have add the host setting in config.yml and refreshed the caches....Any idea?Thank you in advance for your help

Friday 02 May 2014 11:08:00 am

Hi anwar,

i think you have a siteaccess configuration problem. So try to copy or to compare your manager siteaccess with the ez admin one in siteaccess folder . you need to have the same files.

You dont have to configure the legacy HostMatchMapItems. Just in ezpublish.yml

            - manager



            legacy_mode: true
            session_name: eZSESSID  


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