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Sonata admin and eZ5

Sonata admin and eZ5

Thursday 28 August 2014 2:24:28 pm - 1 reply

I created an intern Symfony2 application next to my ez5 site.I want to used the same system of this grid filters (admin/admin) in my front-end site. It use the same database. Did you have an idea how can i do it ? And how can i just make a query to show my items ?

Modified on Thursday 28 August 2014 2:26:49 pm by Alizée Arnaud

Monday 01 September 2014 1:57:46 pm

Hi Alizée

I think someone already did such implementation. Have a quick search in the forum.

You can also implement an extension for current admin (legacy), using Symfony code. Take a look at this snippet, the legacy extension (that can be embedded in a legacy bundle) would just be a bootstrap for the legacy admin. Once in the module code, you can call Symfony services, including controllers as a service.


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