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State of Solr in 2014.11 / 5.4

State of Solr in 2014.11 / 5.4

Monday 12 January 2015 10:16:37 am - 2 replies

The state of Solr in the most recent versions of eZ Publish is not clear to me - and not well documented.

I know I can use the Legacy Solr (eZ Find) integration. In fact, built a small helper that will call the legacy search engine in my controllers, etc. for some separation. It works fine, but I'd rather not use it if I can.

But the state of the "native" Solr functionality ( ) is a bit unclear. I can enable legacy_solr storage engine and use it. Kudos to for this information. There has been discussion on lacking featured and a blocker issue.

But if I am aware of those blockers and play according to them, is there an issue with working it? Will it change dramatically, etc.

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Monday 12 January 2015 10:27:41 am



you are free to use it, it can handle most queries, definitly what demo bundle provides out of the box at least. But it's mainly not documented since it is not done and we will need to change the data modeling before we can say it is done, TL;DR; It's how the translated fields are stored, tried to summarize some of that current state recently: 

Monday 12 January 2015 11:25:06 am

Thank you for your reply, André!


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