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Strange issue with fetch

Strange issue with fetch

Wednesday 06 March 2013 6:37:02 pm

HI community!

Today, I decide to develop a new site with ezpublish 2013.1.

I have pakeged my class from ez 2012.6 to install on ez 2013.1 and all has been ok!

Then, I have create a new class and a new object under principal node (node_id 2) with node_id 64 and object_id 60.

Then, I have made a fetch('content','node', hash('node_id', 64)) but when I try to stamp the result with attribute I have NULL result. Then, I try to stamp a folder and the folder is ok, I try to stamp a file and file is ok... Than I try to use:


{def $object = fetch( 'content', 'object', hash( 'object_id', 60 ) )}


and I have the result!

Than I ask, it is a iussue?! Maybe I forgot anything to set in a file?! New parameter?!

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