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Template and Controller examples

Template and Controller examples

Tuesday 18 December 2012 8:03:29 pm - 1 reply

I am trying to work with the demo stuff included in 5.0 install but it seems very limited as far as what is being done with the new structure. Unless I am just looking in the wrong places. I have figured out the basics of the "content" vs "location" types and the use of ez_render_field. I have been trying to use the as a resource as well as the DemoBundle folder structure. Are there any other resources for areas such as image manipulation, full vs line view, parsing of the content structure, attribute information for the current node, ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Monday 24 December 2012 1:44:51 am

No, not yet. DemoBundle is sort of a preview in version 5.0, and needs some more work before it is finished, and same goes for doc for it.


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