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Unable to override [UserSettings] in site.ini.append.php

Unable to override [UserSettings] in site.ini.append.php

Thursday 09 July 2015 12:13:04 pm

Hi there,

I am having trouble overriding [UserSettings] in the site.ini.append.php.

I am aware of this topic : http://share.ez.no/forums/setup-design/ini-settings-override-order

In the admin : http://s21.postimg.org/fcxj682yv/admin.jpg it says that the settings is override with 5.

But when i am using the ezuser class with eZUser::maxNumberOfFailedLogin(); to get the MaxNumberOfFailedLogin it always says '0' !

If i change the settings/site.ini directly (which is not recommanded) it is working.

Is the ezuser class not aware of the overriding system of eZ Publish ? What should i do ?

Thanks. Cheers.

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