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User authentication in eZ 5.3 doesn´t work for legacy

User authentication in eZ 5.3 doesn´t work for legacy

Friday 04 July 2014 8:04:11 am - 3 replies

Not using the DemoBundle, but still using the security concept of eZ Publish.

The 'new' login functionality works fine, here is the workflow:

1, The login form (eZ) is rendered, user adds his credentials

2, After submitting user is logged in (works fine)

3, When calling 'Change Password' functionality (legacy - /user/password), an exception is thrown:

'Authorization required'

'403 Forbidden - AccessDeniedException'

- It looks like the user is not authenticated in legacy, only in the new stack.

- The rights/roles for the user are set in backend properly:

-user -password -No limitations

Are there some settings, that must be set for login user also in the legacy context?


Thankful for any advice.

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Monday 07 July 2014 6:01:29 pm


I have put in a similar topic here: http://share.ez.no/forums/ez-publish-5-platform/frontend-legacy-login with no seemingly valid responses.

Tuesday 08 July 2014 10:05:06 pm


When logging in through Symfony, the user is also logged in in legacy. What you describe smells like a missing user/password security policy to the user or user group. You should check in the admin interface blunk.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 09 July 2014 8:46:10 am

Hi Jérôme,

thank you for your response happy.gif Emoticon

I was also thinking about the problem with the policies, but in backend the roles and policies are set properly.

The role and policy user/password is set to No limitations for a member.

When debugging the problem (password.php) it shows that user is anonymous in legacy.



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