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Users and Permissions - Assignment with limitations

Users and Permissions - Assignment with limitations

Friday 21 October 2011 9:38:34 am - 3 replies


Reading the following info where you touch on "backwards compaitibility breakage" on you state that the new api will most likely not support assign with limitations.

We are currently working on a very large project (eZSystems knows which project I refer to) where we have many companies in one eZInstallation.

Because users in company 1 and company 2 should have different rights we have come up with a default editor which we assign a number of times to the different companies (subtrees in the installation).

Each company has a different branch in the content tree structure.

If you are to remove this we would have to create new roles for each of these companies , effectively copying the role , difffering only by which subtree the role should be assigned to.

It is imperative that it will be possible for us to have one role and in some way or another assign this to different part of a solution. Whether this is done based on subtree or some other mechanism you come up with is not so importance.

I would like to stress that we see this assign with limitation as a really nice feature and that this will be used in upcoming projects. It is not a smart idea to have to copy the same roles many times.. This means that if we come up with a new feature this will have to be added to many roles , instead of one for instance. (yes we could decide on having another role which will be applied for all members of this group, but that is not the major point of this statement..) 

If i have misundestood you part under assignment with limitations on github i would like to get this confirmed, otherwise i would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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Friday 21 October 2011 10:51:20 am

The info on that page is a bit out of date, to sum up: limitations assignments is not currently exposed atm, but it should be.
The underlying Persistence layer does support it, just need to make it available in public api and  make sure it works consistently (add a whole lots of unit tests).

Friday 21 October 2011 2:23:57 pm

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Just love it when you give the right answers André!

Saturday 24 March 2012 3:59:52 am

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