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web profiler: Loaded twig templates

web profiler: Loaded twig templates

Wednesday 28 January 2015 11:28:52 am - 2 replies

I'm starting using ezp5 and I overrided eZDemoBundle with my own bundle using the getParent() method.

The override is working properly and placing my twig template in the same position of the eZDemoBundle template allows me to override the template itself.

The problem (in dev environment) is in the web profiler: the Loaded twig templates list does not show my template but is shows the original eZDemoBundle template, making debugging not easy.

Probably I miss something, but I don't know what sad.gif Emoticon

Anybody can help me?


Wednesday 28 January 2015 1:48:42 pm


That's because the template logical name won't change, it's only a trick in Symfony FrameworkBundle / TwigBundle in the template name parsing / template loading process.

This is not a bug, and there is currently no way I can think of to display the right template. However, Twig 1.18 has a new profiler which is integrated in the upcoming Symfony 2.7. Maybe it will solve the issue.

Wednesday 28 January 2015 4:54:57 pm

Hi Jerome

thank you for your answer. I hope the new Symfony 2.7 twig profiler will solve the problem; it could be very useful to have the full (and real) list of twig templates in a page.



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