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Where find legacy library ezc

Where find legacy library ezc

Thursday 08 January 2015 10:30:09 am - 5 replies


I have imported an old (ezp 4.x) extension and it uses some library from old lib/ezc :

$config = ezcTemplateConfiguration::getInstance();
$template = new ezcTemplate();

and I get :

Class 'ezcTemplateConfiguration' not found
Class 'ezcTemplate' not found

So I have searched where these classes were defined in ezp 4.x, and I found that they were defined in lib/ezc/Template.

But this library does not exist in  ezpublish_legacy/lib/.

So, does anybody have an idea of where/how I could find/have this library ?

Modified on Thursday 08 January 2015 10:42:39 am by Nicolas Cordonnier

Thursday 08 January 2015 11:29:25 am

Hi Nicolas

You need to install this lib with Composer :

composer require zetacomponents/template

Modified on Friday 09 January 2015 10:17:01 am by Jérôme Vieilledent

Thursday 08 January 2015 11:50:26 am

Looks like the last release where it was included is 2014.01...

Thursday 08 January 2015 2:51:38 pm

Yes, we only bundle what we use now from eZ/Zeta Components.

We spent quite some effort this year together with the Zeta guys to make releases for Composer, so first release since maybe 2010 with accumulated bug fixes in between have been released and is recommended over the old partly patched 2009 release we used to bundled in lib/ezc.

( Hopefully this will make Zeta Components more accessible, as it is still very high quality components even if they don't use namespaces and other newer PHP features. )

Friday 09 January 2015 9:54:53 am

 composer install zetacomponents/template

does not work right the first time.

 composer require zetacomponents/template

was required, after a

 composer require zetacomponents/base

but after a

 composer update ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel


Now it works right.

Thank you.

Modified on Friday 09 January 2015 9:55:46 am by Nicolas Cordonnier

Friday 09 January 2015 10:16:40 am

My bad sorry, composer install was not the right command... However zetacomponents/base is required by ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel already.


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