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xmltext literal tag meaning in ezplatform

xmltext literal tag meaning in ezplatform

Thursday 08 October 2015 7:13:49 pm


will the literal tag work in ezplatform same as in ez publish 4? Which means it should instruct template processor to include it's content as it is. Now it works bit differently.
I have installed ezplatform via composer with dev-master. Now it uses ezpublish-kernel 720a5624427b7fee7c51f2d71d37e94d6546a99. According ezpublish-kernel/eZ/Publish/Core/FieldType/XmlText/Input/Resources/stylesheets/eZXml2Html5_core.xsl there are 2 variations. First, when using class=html as literal tag attribute, will strip all my inner html tags and output just text. Second, in other cases, it will wrap whole content in pre tag.

My current workaround was to modify this file with following, which enables me to use class=raw to work as expected.

<xsl:when test="@class='raw'">
     <xsl:copy-of select="./*"/> <!-- this should copy child elements of literal tag -->

I appreciate your feedback on this issue as i have very little experience with new ezplatform stack.



Sorry for mixing literal template operator and literal xmltext tag, so please ignore provided URL to docs. My expectations are based on design\standard\templates\content\datatype\view\ezxmltags\literal.tpl.

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