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Author contact

Author contact

Thursday 05 November 2009 11:23:40 am - 9 replies


You will have noticed that the author contact form isnt in place yet. The previous version is a simple form, eg:

I was wondering whether we should try to make forms a little more integrated, for example by using a lightbox approach via tools like

What do you think?


Thursday 05 November 2009 6:41:45 pm

I'd rather have a nice page of user's profile - with number of posts made, links to projects he's member of on, etc... A stupid contact form is good enough for me - and I not fond of overabundance of useless js tricks. What would be the added value in this case?

Saturday 07 November 2009 4:21:59 pm

I agree with Gaetano, Lightbox is too often used just to show off without having any added value. Just a simple contact form or a link to a contact form on each user's profile will do the job well.

Monday 09 November 2009 1:33:09 pm

I second Gaetano and Kristof, less but better, and think about many people in companies, who have no JavaScript activated, why generate barriers? And why use different JavaScript frameworks? YUI3 is integrated.

Greetings, ekke

Monday 09 November 2009 2:06:40 pm

Ok, i'll try to drop in the author form shortly.

Btw, with ezjscore both jquery and yui are well supported happy.gif Emoticon


Monday 09 November 2009 3:09:28 pm

Ok, coded up. Just need to test now.


Monday 09 November 2009 8:14:47 pm

The author contact extension is back in, and integrated to a reasonable degree with the site.

How does it function for you?


Tuesday 10 November 2009 10:28:27 am

Seems to work fine happy.gif Emoticon


  • in the mail received, there's no trace of the site itself having sent the mail
  • typo in the text above the contact form
  • the text shown in the 'thank you for posting' page could be shrank, removing 'welcome' the part

Tuesday 10 November 2009 8:25:03 pm

Hi Gaetano,

I believed i've addressed the nitpicks.

Can you give it another go?

Wednesday 11 November 2009 12:01:17 pm

Seems fine, thanks


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