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Certifications and Mozilla Open Badge

Certifications and Mozilla Open Badge

Sunday 11 August 2013 10:45:14 am - 3 replies

Hello everybody!

As Mozilla has realeased it's OpenBadges specifications, I would like to know what you would think about using it for eZ Publish certifications?

There are some interesting informations here:

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Sunday 11 August 2013 12:17:45 pm

Hi Charles Edouard,

At this moment, we don't have somethings like this, it's only a pdf document to prove that you pass successfully your certification.

I will send your question internally, but i think it could be a great idea to do something like that (like sensio do too) and get all informations on happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks !


Wednesday 14 August 2013 11:03:02 pm

I Concur! This is an exciting idea!

I miss the time when our certification verification links worked

Like this one:

This link (above) no longer works and it's a real bummer.



Wednesday 21 August 2013 10:27:53 am

Hi fellas!

I just tested to issue a badge and it's really not a big deal. There are 3~4 steps:

  1. Create a super cool and hype PNG file
  2. Describe the badges properties in a .json file
  3. (optional) validate the .json file on
  4. Put the .json file online and call<url_of_your_json_file>

This will return a PNG file with embedded data describing who issued the file and to who it has been issued.

It will certainly be more difficult to make it automatic but not impossible.


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