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Changing the profileimage

Changing the profileimage

Thursday 06 November 2014 1:46:01 pm - 3 replies

I'm not able to change the profileimage, does anyone else have this problem? Is it a known bug or am I doing something wrong? happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 06 November 2014 1:47:53 pm

I have the same problem. Tried to get the size from other users image, but still now action. But, when I go the profile page on I see the image that I uploaded. A sync to share thats is on holiday?

Thursday 06 November 2014 1:59:25 pm

Hello Håvard,

I too have been having this problem for months now (maybe even longer, i forget).

Another problem is user images are also not being updated (again, a problem that's existed for maybe even more than two years).

Please create a issue ticket on

Remember to include as much information about the problem as possible.

I hope this helps!


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Friday 07 November 2014 5:46:50 pm


I noticed reading today that Håvard did in fact create a new issue ticket regarding this issue today,




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