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Monday 02 November 2009 1:20:22 pm - 7 replies

Test 1.. 2.. 3.. blunk.gif Emoticon
Before we start submitting issues - congrats!

Monday 02 November 2009 2:31:37 pm

Yes, congratulations! And I have to say that browsing the website is much faster!

Monday 02 November 2009 2:39:00 pm

Yes, congratulations! And I have to say that browsing the website is much faster!

True, the browsing experience is very good. In Poland the delays at used to be significant, right now it is not noticeable at all. Hope this is sustained in the future.

Monday 02 November 2009 3:05:17 pm

Congrats. Yes it seems fast.

Monday 02 November 2009 3:52:17 pm

And it could be even faster by applying some Yahoo! rules on frontend performances [1]


Monday 02 November 2009 5:33:07 pm

Great stuff guys.

It is brilliant that the community now has it's own place.

All great journeys begin with a first step and this is a good first step.

Looking forward to great things in the future.


Monday 02 November 2009 6:12:15 pm

Great Jobs !

Thank's for this.

Tuesday 03 November 2009 8:27:01 am

Thanks for these congratulations. As Tony says, this is the first step, the first stone, and we'll build upon it, together.

Damien, thanks for your hint, we need to start properly using for this. Just a lack of time so far, we'll change this happy.gif Emoticon

Cheers everyone !


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