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Editing your profile

Editing your profile

Thursday 19 November 2009 4:54:52 pm - 1 reply


We have just fixed the editing issue where profile changes on were not reflected here on share.

If you have recently tried to edit your profile please try again. It should work as expected.

A small caveat to this is that we need to add a redirect back to your profile page. This will be added shortly.

Monday 02 August 2010 2:47:33 pm


I tried to edit my profile today but the server keeps saying

Object is unavailable

The object you requested is not currently available.

Possible reasons for this are:

  • The id or name of the object was misspelled, try changing it.
  • The object is no longer available on the site.

Do you have a remedy for this?

Alternatively I receive this message:

Could not login
A valid username and password is required to login.

I tried deleting all cookies from but to no avail.

Best regards

Modified on Monday 02 August 2010 2:49:01 pm by Klaus Hereth


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