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How to print an Article?

How to print an Article?

Wednesday 13 October 2010 8:43:37 pm - 3 replies

Hi there,

maybe i'm the only one, who likes to (re-)read a tutorial or an article on paper (yes, that stuff, that you can place your coffee cup on).

I'm sure, there used to be a "print all pages of this article" feature in the early ages... Where has that gone? How shall we print a 10-page tutorial without killing a tree and without getting crazy, because we have to navigate and print each single page?

I want the "print this...." button again... or any other usefull way to get a hard copy of a (very usefull) text from this site. Hell, yes, i will take a PDF file, too...

Wednesday 13 October 2010 9:35:29 pm

Hi Marco,

That's a very useful feature you suggest. I'll make sure to inform the team ( about this.

Thanks for the heads up!

Regards Robin

p.s. request has previously been filed on the issue tracker as well

Modified on Wednesday 13 October 2010 9:42:09 pm by Robin Muilwijk

Thursday 14 October 2010 3:43:16 am

Marco is not alone! I too miss this feature every time I try to read articles on

Please find a way to bring it back.



Tuesday 25 June 2013 4:45:59 am

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