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Market Place

Market Place

Monday 21 January 2013 3:09:43 pm - 1 reply

OK I am brand new in this Community - but - I have been wondering around all the topics without finding what I was looking for.
May I suggest to add a new ENTRY to the Forums Topics : Business - Who has ressources available and looking for customers?
May be it would be interesting to add a skills form to the profile?
I encourage anyone having eZ Publish Architecture & Implementation skills to offer to get in touch with me. 
Thank you.

Thursday 31 January 2013 12:37:28 am

Hi Eric,

About the skills, I agree, makes sens to enrich the user profile with that (think about Linkedin features here, I definitely think it would be good) but I think that the team working on has a rich profile feature in the pipeline.

About the "looking for customers" I would say it is in the job board that this should be said.



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