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Misc feature requests

Misc feature requests

Tuesday 01 February 2011 10:09:19 pm

Not sure if I should file these as separate issues in wit, posting here in case somebody has feedback.

  1. homepage, 'write one' tab should be 'write a tutorial'
  2. distinguish the different entities: share.ez.no team, community, comm. board, commercial partners (eg. rename top menu item 'community program' to 'community partner program'
  3. blog listings: omit those blogs that have not yet posted a single time
  4. move team / design contest admin to a retrodated blog post, or plain hide
  5. what about rediscussing the current forum subdivision? 'setup & design' vis 'install é configuration' makes sense? also it's not clear what 'discussions' is for; add a forum for community issues

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