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Mobile site

Tuesday 23 February 2010 10:22:17 am - 4 replies

It would be nice to have a trimmed down m.share.ez.no to be browsed while on the train/metro.

There is also some problem currently with the auth redirection system and opera mobile - it is impossible to connect to this website!

Thursday 25 February 2010 8:21:43 pm

Hi Gaetano,

A mobile version of this portal would indeed be a nice addition. Especially as showcase for eZ itself, with live data. I'll check with Nicolas if we can put this on our list.

About the login problems with Opera mobile, did you file that on the issue tracker yet? (http://issues.ez.no/ProjectSelect.php?Id=6)

Thanks and regards, Robin

Wednesday 03 March 2010 3:33:24 pm


We could think of an iPhone-optimized version, based on the default 'iphone' siteaccess in eZ Publish, and a general mobile version.

For the more general mobile version, and in order to make this happen quite quickly, how about relying on Google's mobile rendering engine :
Also having apps would be brilliant ( iphone, android, ipad, symbian ). A toolkit for developing iphone/ipad apps will be shipped with eZ Publish 4.3, that can be a beginning ( http://ez.no/company/news/ez_publ...d_mobile_content_management_features )

What do you guys think ?

PS: in Chrome (Android), it all works fine. I had issues with Opera Mobile on Android.

Tuesday 16 March 2010 7:36:15 pm

The reply has been removed because of violation of forum rules.

Tuesday 16 March 2010 7:39:45 pm

The reply has been removed because of violation of forum rules.


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