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Projects organisation

Projects organisation

Tuesday 30 November 2010 7:12:43 am - 2 replies

I'm finding the projects section a bit unwieldy: There seem to be lots of projects which haven't been updated to work with 4.xx, and a lot more which have not got past the naming stage.

Would it be possible to change the project area browsing so that one could only look at projects which actually have content, and which work with current versions of Ez? It'd also be nice to have a voting system to gauge interest in older projects which need updating.

Tuesday 30 November 2010 8:48:12 am

Hi Paul,

Very good remarks. The lack of usability, and relative relevancy/uptodate-ness of many a project makes it hard to find the very relevant ones at a certain point in time. This was spotted by the team and added to the todo (see point 4/ here) already. Where it reads "Cleaning-up", "making it a killer forge" is meant happy.gif Emoticon

So your points would be (please correct/amend) :

  • Better search/findability
  • Better metadata : compatibility,
  • Reputation : rating, reviews (extending/enhancing the currently existing one)

Let us make this a question to all, the daily users like you always have good ideas.

Thanks for triggering this,

Tuesday 30 November 2010 12:11:24 pm

Thanks Nicolas

I think that casual users should only be able to see projects which work with 4.xx, and that it should be harder to see older ones.

I also think projects which are still in the planning stage (no files available) should be in a special 'waiting for flight clearance' area.

Sorry, had a much longer and more considered reply but hit "Add reply" (bottom button's off the screen), lost the lot, and can't be bothered spending another ten minutes re-typing. I've done that twice now. It'd be good if "Add reply" could check if there is already text in the editor and prompt the user if there is.

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