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reasonably simple way to enter issues needed

reasonably simple way to enter issues needed

Monday 14 December 2009 10:19:40 pm - 3 replies

It takes too much effort to report site issues in the common ez tracker. Navigating there, finding the right place (not intuitive!) and figuring out right options to check etc takes way too long, so most people probably dont bother.

There should be a link on front page to VERY simple form directly on community site, to report the issues. You would get much, much more good reports.

Best approach is 2 way process. First "Enter short desription of issue here" form, which then does search and offers list of results. "Is your issue among the results?" "If so, mark it to vote, if not, click here to save new issue.

Tuesday 15 December 2009 9:55:35 am

While I agree on making a simpler interface, the post-first-search-later approach does not work very well imho.

1 - I can just ignore the 'found another similar issue' warning if I'm in a hurry anyway, and most people will do that, even if they have plenty of time. Forcing them to search first actually makes them think more about their own bug/request, so that the formulation is clearer in the end.

2 - if related issues presented are few / presented with a short text, it is hard to tell whether they really relate. If there are to many / with long texts, it is hard to read them all

3 - current implementation of the concept that springs to my mind: pecl/pear issue tracker. 99% of the "similar issues" presented are absolutely unrelated and just a waste of time. The important 1% is lost in the sea of related_issues text

Friday 25 December 2009 7:11:21 pm

I was describing a search first, post later, if no similar found approach. Sure, some people may ignore the search result but importance of looking through them can be politely stressed on the result page. Anyhow, it is better than alternative, with no search.

Forced search was only one important aspect tho, my main point was doing away with useless complexity of current tracker.

Friday 23 April 2010 9:26:11 am

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