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Request: Unanswered forum threads view template

Request: Unanswered forum threads view template

Friday 11 December 2009 4:27:49 am - 7 replies

I would find the addition to forums of a recursive top down listing of unanswered forum topic threads per forum a very useful feature for those like me who would like to see that every thread gets at least one fair response and a template view to see which threads in all the various forums that are unanswered (no replies).
In this way unanswered forum threads would stand out in a easy way to find, read and respond to each quickly.
Please let me know if this idea is any good.

Friday 11 December 2009 11:36:50 am

Very good idea. However, some questions don't get solved from the first reply on. It would be nice if there would be a feature to completely close a forum topic as well. This would allow for a listing of "open" topics as well.

Saturday 12 December 2009 12:30:40 pm

I think we should do more than simply add an open/closed button for that to work well... some topics are help requests, some other are not.

Monday 14 December 2009 1:36:14 pm

Hello Heath,

This is a great idea. Adding this right away to the Use Cases the team takes care of.
There is, as Kristof and Gaetano tell, even more to do on this topic. But the first round could comprize your proposal only.

Cheers !

Friday 26 March 2010 12:57:40 am

While I thank the team for their work on this use case.
I see now we do indeed have the basis for storing the resolved, unresolved attribute [0-1].

It still seems we lack a way to search or filter the views by this attribute in any useable way .. yet.

It would be nice if more development could go into adapting templates to provide more support for these features.


Friday 26 March 2010 2:57:53 pm

Hi Heath,

I totally agree on this. Already reacted in this direction there :


Friday 23 April 2010 9:18:09 am

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Friday 23 April 2010 9:18:50 am

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