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Tag cloud - size, location, thoughts...

Tag cloud - size, location, thoughts...

Saturday 07 November 2009 6:24:53 pm - 2 replies

I've just submitted an issue regarding the size and placement of the tag cloud:

What do you think, guys? I thought this deserved some discussion.

Monday 09 November 2009 1:52:59 pm

Piotrek and i have had a quick chat on that issue, and i've made a few changes as a result.

The limit for the tag cloud is currently defined by a class attribute variable, eg:

{eztagcloud( hash( 'class_identifier', false(),
                           'parent_node_id', $data_map.parent_object.content.main_node_id,
                           'limit', $data_map.limit.content ))}

Currently this is to 40.

The tagcloud used is a variant of that used in webin, for which the operator is listed here:

As you can see from the end of the code the font size is controlled by simple vars:

$maxFontSize = 200;
$minFontSize = 100;

For share, i've changes these to be 90 and 180. These actually translate into font-size percentages.

From local tests this looks ok.

I guess we need to discuss where these should be located, for which keyword types, and whether the share design hinders the best use of the tag cloud.

Something i'd also like to mention is whether the tag cloud should be linked directly to the ezkeyword system, or through ezfind. At the moment it is the former, but i would really like to explore using ezfind for this.


Modified on Monday 09 November 2009 1:54:46 pm by Paul Forsyth

Monday 09 November 2009 4:42:45 pm

Indeed, using eZ Find here could severely enhance performances. We'd use facets for this.


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