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Trouble logging on

Trouble logging on

Sunday 14 October 2012 12:49:02 pm - 2 replies

Hello Admins

1th step
  - Real name, wrong password -> input fields empty, no error message
2th step
- Real name, correct password -> input fields empty, error message
    Could not authenticate with username and password provided
- ¨Forgot Password¨ routine -> all ok, but no e-mail
3th step
- I call forum page. -> I am logged in, but can not change password
4th step
- I delete cookies and cash -> normal result
5th step
- Start again at step 2
Any attempt to change the password ends with Loggin (step 2).
It's not a very pleasant condition. Do I need a new account?

regards Viewfinder

Nachtrag: Use Firefox in Ubuntu 12.04. Last password change with Firefox on Windows XP. Sometimes it's funny.

Modified on Sunday 14 October 2012 12:54:24 pm by Falkmar Fischer

Sunday 14 October 2012 6:27:18 pm

Hi Falkmar and thanks for the feedback,

We are still in the process of stabilizing the recently launched major overhaul of our authentication system, as announced here:

Your points are taken, working on fixing this all.


Tuesday 23 October 2012 2:08:59 pm


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