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What for ?

What for ?

Monday 02 November 2009 9:22:44 pm - 2 replies


I think the idea is great, but... I'm lost.

Here, we can see a forum, extensions, articles, etc.

projects.ez.no is still alive ? If we have a question, where to post : ez.no, share.ez.no ?

This site should not be a remake of contribution in ez.no and projects of projects.ez.no.


Modified on Monday 02 November 2009 9:23:11 pm by Nicolas Lescure

Tuesday 03 November 2009 11:24:17 am

As you probably have seen, the forums on ez.no have been closed, so there will be no headache about where to post.

Projects.ez.no should imho be heavily integrated here, not duplicated - the first step being the projects forums being imported to here and closed over there.

Thursday 05 November 2009 8:15:35 pm

The extensions forum is something historically, imported from the ez.no forums, AFAIK.

I do not see any reason for closing the forums on projects.ez.no, each project has its forums so people can discuss any project-related issues over there. No need to do that on share.ez.no IMHO, as the share.ez.no forums are about eZ Publish in general.

Please keep the project-specific forums on projects.ez.no inside their project.


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