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3 in 1 (link to frontpage, file upload, gd error)

3 in 1 (link to frontpage, file upload, gd error)

Wednesday 02 April 2003 4:57:28 am - 4 replies


I have many questions! I hope nobody will not mind if they are in one topic.

1. How can I make link in article text to frontpage (node 2) and name it like "here". (So, html output should be like <a href="/mydesign/content/view/full/2">here</a>blunk.gif Emoticon.
2. How can I upload some file (for example doc or pdf) and link to it.
3. I get error message in debug area (it appears if there is some image on page; image is not shown):
"Undefined attribute 'contentobject_attribute_id, version, requestedwidth, requestedheight', cannot get"

Thank you

Modified on Wednesday 02 April 2003 12:03:39 pm by Kaiko Kaur

Wednesday 02 April 2003 9:39:49 am

As for (1): http://ez.no/manual/user/everyday#Tags

The others I can't help you right now.


Wednesday 02 April 2003 12:01:37 pm

about this link.
I have found this url and as I can understand I should write like this:
<link id='2'>to main page</link>

But it doesn't work. So - can you give me example? How exactly should I write this? And where should I get this id?

Wednesday 02 April 2003 2:34:02 pm

Hi Kaiko,

when I looked through the forums I found that we were on this subject earlier (http://ez.no/developer/ez_publish...l/link_to_node_with_different_title) happy.gif Emoticon

However, I can't help you with this, since I have only used the <link href='...'> function. Be sure to use single quotes, double quotes didn't work for me. As for the id (which according to the above thread should be the object id), you could try different ids, play around, maybe you'll find an id that is working and deduct from that how it should be?!


Thursday 10 April 2003 4:40:29 pm

>about this link.
> I have found this url and as I can >understand I should write like this:
><link id='2'>to main page</link>

The code should work if id 2 does exist in table ezurl. After storing, the input will be changed to <link href='url of id 2'>to main page</link>

If you want link to frontpage, you can write like this:<a href="content/view/full/2">here</a> or <link href="content/view/full/2">here</link>.

To upload file and link to it, you need first create a class which has attribute binaryfile, then create an object of this class. You can either link it as embeded object ( find related object first ) or just use code <link href="content/view/full/object_id>file object</link> to link it.


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