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404 Error

404 Error

Friday 05 June 2015 1:24:15 pm - 3 replies

Ez publish redirect mr to 404 http error page (blank page with not found message) for only some pages, not all the pages

Monday 08 June 2015 5:21:56 am

Hello mou,

Could you post a few example web server log entries which show the uri of the 404 errors?

This might help us make more helpful suggestions ...


Tuesday 09 June 2015 1:13:34 am

thanks Helth,


we don't have any detail for the log, only ; error http 404 https://URIbase/virtualURI 

Tuesday 09 June 2015 5:28:35 am

Hello mou,

Well you certainly do have web server logs which document the 404 errors, this is just a standard feature with web servers.


  • In any case can you share what kind of urls are generating 404 errors?
  • Are they mod_rewrite based urls? Aka aliases?
  • Are they eZ Publish content tree node urls?
  • Are they eZ Publish url aliases (virtual url aliases for content tree nodes)?
  • Are they eZ Publish url wildcards?
  • Could you share the actual error message text (and perhaps a screenshot)?

Question: Also what makes you think they are 404 errors?

If you refused to confirm the errors by reviewing (and sharing) webserver error logs to validate the actual http error code served for the url by the webserver then it sounds like your just getting a blank page and guessing that it's a 404 error.

We need more information about the urls generating the 404 errors, your hosting setup / services, etc .. anything more possible you could share in order to be able to help you troubleshoot the problem in general.

Question: Can you share the exact uri of the page(s) which generate this error?

Another thing to remember is that 404 errors are primarily the domain of the web server and not eZ Publish. Which is why I would think that you would want to inspect your web server configuration, logs, etc in greater detail.

I hope this helps!



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