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A great way to learn ez3

A great way to learn ez3

Tuesday 15 April 2003 12:50:30 am - 2 replies

If you are like me... struggling to understand how ez3 works...

A great way to learn is...

in .../design/demo/override/templates

take one of the templates e.g.


and back it up.

then go to work inserting your html comments in pagelayout_section_3.tpl!! e.g.

<!-- this is just before template call to page_head.tpl -->
{include uri="design:page_head.tpl" enable_glossary=false() enable_help=false()}
<!-- end of page_head.tpl include -->

Then run the demo web site (in this case the News Section).
It appears on your browser.
Then select (ie6) menu item View then select Source
and a beautiful html listing appears which includes all your comments!

You can now start appreciating what does what in ez3.

You can obviously do the same in the 'called' templates eg.page_head.tpl etc. etc.

Hope you find this as helpful as I have.

Good ez3 learning

Sol Millin
byron bay

You can also use template comment if you wish to make other template code not execute, e.g.
{* start of non-execute of template code
blah blah blah

although this may suffer from the limitation of non-nesting of template comments.

Tuesday 15 April 2003 12:55:33 am

Another very helpful tip is to install phpMyAdmin and examine the structure and contents of the nextgen mySQL database (assuming your using mySQL).

You'll find phpMyAdmin at

Happy ez3 learning.

Tuesday 15 April 2003 9:06:40 am

Hi Sol,

if you turn on the debug output that gives you the templates used, you automatically get a lot of valuable info.

Just as an additional help. happy.gif Emoticon



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