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A strange shop behavor

A strange shop behavor

Tuesday 13 May 2003 1:15:41 pm - 2 replies

I just tested the shop - it works perfectly, but there is one thing i am not clear about - after i made an order - the system asks me to register my first and last name and adress fields - why doesn't it take the data from the user's account information? (when a user logons to the site). Or just use that data to prefill the fields? I am shure it's not a problem to make with changing the template, but what was your reasons for doing that?

Tuesday 13 May 2003 2:19:12 pm

This is just an example implementation for a shop account. This is because eZ publish does support shopping of anonymous users without user accounts. That means that you can set up shops where you only collect some information about the user without the need for login.

See the file settings/shopaccount.ini for details on the settings.


Wednesday 14 May 2003 4:19:26 am

Thanks a lot


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