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Access - Permissions

Access - Permissions

Thursday 03 April 2003 4:35:44 pm - 1 reply


Someone can tell us how to install a forum when only registered users can post in that forum (like it is the case here).

I have read "permissions and sections" but didn't had success to get it working...

Thank you.
-Fadi Chakik

Tuesday 08 April 2003 11:55:11 am


I think there are two elements here. The viewing of the 'reply' and 'post' buttons and the functionality permissions behind them.

>>Post buttons
You want to put some logic in your templates to see if the user is logged in before you put the buttons on the screen.

This is handled by the 'role' permissions. You need to define what a anonymous has access to rather than Content read *.

I hope this helps



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