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add open graph meta tags to all pages

add open graph meta tags to all pages

Wednesday 10 June 2015 12:07:53 pm - 3 replies



i allready add ngopengraph  extension to my project, and i want to add open graph meta tags to all pages, how can i do that ?

Modified on Wednesday 10 June 2015 2:32:19 pm by mou mou

Wednesday 10 June 2015 1:00:58 pm

Hello mou,

Could you please edit your forum thread title and message to include more specific details?

A detailed specific title will help others understand your question.

A detailed question in your message body that actually shares what exact steps you have already taken and what results you are currently getting.

It would also help for you to be more clear on exactly what is not happening and what you expect to be happening instead.

Please be specific. A list of the exact steps to reproduce the problem(s) will help others to even be able to begin to make helpful suggestions.

At this point your current forum message makes nearly impossible to make helpful suggestions as there is far too much ambiguity and lack of clarity on your actual situation.

I hope this helps!


Wednesday 10 June 2015 7:13:35 pm

Hello mou,

Thank you for changing this forum thread title! I like this change happy.gif Emoticon

Can you please share more specific detail regarding what you have specifically done when you say, 'i already add ngopengraph  extension to my project' as that is unclear in general.

Please be technical about each step you took.

Note: For others reading mou is talking about trying to use the solution:

One last question mou, have you studied the provided documentation?

The documentation seems to be fairly clear on how to install and use this solution.

Again please be more verbose happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 03 April 2019 9:39:06 am

Hello Heath!

Does ngopengraph extension support legacy version eZ Publish Community Project 2014.11?


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